The project “Perperikon – Past for Future”

The main objective of the project “Perperikon – Past for Future” is to restore, preserve and promote the archaeological complex “Perperikon” as a unique part of the Bulgarian and European cultural heritage.
The project implementation will contribute to achieving the main objective of the program BG08 “Cultural heritage and contemporary arts,” namely to achieve greater institutional and public participation of Bulgarian cultural heritage in the European context of cultural exchange and contributing to protection and preservation of cultural heritage of Bulgaria for future generations.
Included in the project activities for the conservation, restoration and exhibition of ancient and medieval city of Perperikon will lead to the preservation of this part of the archaeological complex. The creation of three-dimensional model of the whole complex will allow storing the digitized full graphic information about the complex and the objects in it, and presentation and an attractive appearance. This in turn will allow the broader society to consider virtual monument and get more information about it. The planned promotional events will also contribute to the promotion of the complex among different community groups, including Roma.