On 23.04.2015 was signed a contract 24-10M1-28 for the realization of the project “Perperikon – Past for the future.” The contract is worth 748 203, 60 euros and is funded by Measure 1 “Restoration, renovation and preservation of cultural heritage” Program BG 08 “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts”, financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2009-2014. The project will be implemented within 13 months and will end on 30.04.2016.

The main objective of the project “Perperikon – Past to Future” is to restore, preserve and promote the archaeological complex “Perperikon” as a unique part of the Bulgarian and European cultural heritage. The project objectives are: to restore, preserve and exposed ancient and medieval city of Perperikon, which is part of the eponymous complex; Through modern digital technologies to facilitate access to different groups of the public to the archaeological complex “Perperikon”; to promote the archaeological complex “Perperikon” as part of the Bulgarian and European cultural heritage.
The project focuses on:
Residents of Kardzhali from different social and ethnic groups, incl. and Roma;
Specialists in the field of cultural heritage of Bulgaria and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – historians, archaeologists, researchers, architects interested in history and representatives of institutions responsible for the protection of cultural heritage;
Visitors of the Archaeological complex “Perperikon” – Bulgarian and foreign tourists, students, pensioners and citizens from other social groups.
The main project activities related to conservation and restoration works and exhibition of ancient and medieval city of Perperikon prepared according to agreed and approved work project, which covers the southwestern part of the Acropolis. Buildings, structures and urban structures located in this part will be preserved and restored- 3 altar cistern, 4 residential buildings, fortification wall of the Acropolis 2 bastion, polygonal tower and street network.
The project will organize and conduct promotional events for the promotion of Perperikon.
As a result of the project will be: restored and exhibited 11 sites of ancient and medieval city of Perperikon; Conducted a three-day promotional seminar “Perperikon – past for the future”, 6 presentation events and 3 pressconferences; Created site of the project; Placed billboards and plaques; Distributed 2,000 pieces leaflets and 4,000 pcs. brochures; 10 printed publications in the local and national press.