The project will be carried out information activities aimed at the public and the media, namely:
Organizing and conducting three press conferences aimed at the media. The first press conference will be held at the beginning of the project and it will be presented the objectives, activities and expected results of the project. In the middle of the project will be held press conference will present the progress made. At the end of the project will be held the final press conference will be presented the results achieved;
Development and maintenance of a website project of Bulgarian and English – the site will provide information about the project partners will present the results of the project, including three-dimensional model of Perperikon. The site will periodically publish information related to the project;
The archaeological complex “Perperikon” will be placed billboard that after completion of the project will be replaced with an information board.
Informing the public through printed materials – will be made and distributed 2,000 booklets presenting the project and funding sources and 4,000 brochures describing the results thereof, of which 2000 in Bulgarian and 2000 in English.
Printing of 5 publications in the local press and 5 publications in the national press, including in specialized publications.
Also regular page of Kardzhali Municipality will publish press releases and information from the project team.
All information materials including those distributed electronically will contain information about financial support of the EEA Financial Mechanism and will comply with the requirements of the Manual for design and communication and Annex IV of the Regulation.
The information and publicity are part of the requirements for applying for the program. Planned activities are aimed at ensuring transparency in the implementation of the project and inform the greatest part of the community.
The operation will carry on by an external contractor following a procedure for public procurement in conjunction with the project team.

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