Within four months will be organized and conducted a series of promotional events to promote the archaeological complex “Perperikon” among representatives of the target groups of the project.
Promotional Seminar “Perperikon – Past to Future” will be held in the city of Kardzhali. As a participants will be invited 40 experts from Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – historians, archaeologists, researchers, representatives of institutions responsible for the protection of cultural heritage, architects with an interest in cultural heritage and others. Within three days, participants will learn about the cultural heritage of the Eastern Rhodopes – they will visit Perperikon and other archaeological sites and will be presented to the prepared three-dimensional model of the monument;
Presentation of the model in donor countries. Based on contacts made during the promotional seminar will be organized a three-day visit on 6th representatives of the Municipality of Kardzhali and RIM-Kardzhali cultural institution in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, where they will make a presentation at Perperikon aimed at professionals in the field of cultural heritage.
Presentations of three-dimensional model schools in Kardzhali Region, providing education to children and young people of Roma origin. Within 1 month in 4 schools in Kardzhali Region, who are educated Roma children and young people will make presentations developed three-dimensional model of Perperikon. The presentations will be invited to attend both pupils and their parents.
“Day of Perperikon” – in Rome – Kardzhali will be held an open day at the archaeological complex. Visitors and tourists will be presented three-dimensional model of the complex.
Leading role in the implementation of this activity will be ROME-Kardzhali, as the logistics of the events will be carried out by an external contractor.
The main objective of this activity is to promote Perperikon as a unique part of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria. The type of activities is tailored to different target groups of the project. Through participation of experts from donor countries in promotional events in Bulgaria will enable them to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the Eastern Rhodopes and to make contacts with Bulgarian specialists.
The activity will be carried out by the Regional History Museum -Kardzhali as logistics events / transport facilities, translation and catering. / Will be carried out by an external contractor following a procedure for public procurement.

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