During the course of conservation and restoration work, supervision will be carried out according to the legal requirements and the specifics of the site, to ensure the proper constructions and project guidelines are followed. The selected consultant construction supervision will monitor and be responsible for:
1. The legal construction starts;
2. Complete and correct compilation of acts and protocols during construction;
3. Implementation of the activities according to the approved detailed design and requirements of the Law on Spatial Planning and regulations;
4. Compliance with health and safety in construction;
5. Prevention of damage to third persons and property due to construction;
6. suitability of the building for commissioning.
Construction supervision will accept all conservation and restoration works and forms relevant documents. Upon completion of the conservation and restoration work, construction supervision will prepare a final report.
The authors supervision will be done by designers who prepared the detailed design. They will observe the course of conservation – restoration work, compliance with approved technologies on the performance of activities and compliance with regulatory requirements. When necessary to approve changes in predefined work. They will coordinate ekzikutivnata documentation and submit a report.
Construction and architectural supervision will be carried out by external contractors selected following a contract award activities properly.

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