Within 13 months the selected contractor will carry out conservation and restoration works and exhibition of ancient and medieval city of Perperikon prepared according to agreed and approved work project, which covers the southwestern part of the Acropolis. Will be preserved and restored buildings, structures and urban structures located in this part – namely, 3 altar cistern, 4 residential buildings, fortification wall of the Acropolis 2 bastion, polygonal tower and street network. Conservation and restoration work on the stone buildings include cleaning of individuals and joints of walls, dismantling and cleaning the stones of the above 2-3 rows wall processing joints, regeneration of facial masonry and cleaning of the walls. Conservation and restoration work on the rock surface include cleaning of humus deposits and vegetation treatment with conservation solutions, superstructure and superstructure conservation. To reduce the anthropogenic impact on the monument will take place exhibition of this part. For this purpose will be placed multiple platforms and footbridges, suspended platforms. It will be built wooden panoramic site at the heart of the medieval tower, whose levels will be consistent with the originator levels of the tower. It will also make alley and build lighting.
All conservation and restoration works will be carried out according to the approved technology as spelled out in the detailed design.
In making activity will be attracted consultant “Archaeology”, which will coordinate the implementation of conservation and restoration work.
After launching systematic studies of the complex, led to the discovery of archaeological structures, the monument was subjected to enhanced erosion due on the one hand of direct exposure to climatic factors and the other to the increased flow of visitors. Erosion leads to the destruction of both the rock massif, which is built Perperikon and the archaeological sites within the complex. Conservation and restoration of Perperikon is a fundamental step for its conservation as a unique part of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and its promotion as a World Heritage Site.
Conservation and restoration work will be carried out by an external contractor selected following a contract award activities and their implementation will be monitored by consultant “Archaeology”.

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