The project management will be carried out by a team leader, coordinator expert “Cultural Heritage”, an accountant and a technical assistant. The team will be formed by employees of the municipality of Kardzhali, as the expert “Cultural Heritage” will be an official of the Regional History Museum of Kardzhali. Kardzhali Municipality will provide an office equipped for the needs of the team. The project team will organize timely implementation of the planned activities will ensure the achievement of the overall goals and objectives of the project and the planned results and continuously monitor implementation. Technical and financial management of the project will be carried out in accordance with Implementing Regulation of the Financial memorandum EEA 2009-2014. The applicable legislation at European and national level, the internal rules and procedures and financial management system and control of the municipality of Kardzhali.
Throughout the period of the project, the team will conduct technical meetings, which will be planned implementation of upcoming activities and will report the results. The first workshop will prepare and adopt a plan for the implementation and monitoring of the project in detail with deadlines and responsibilities.
During the implementation of the project will be carried out independent financial audit to be performed by a certified public accountant selected following a call for tenders of the activity. It will be checked for lawful and proper expenditure amounts of money on the project and reporting of performance. The auditor will carry out certification of any request for payment authentication already incurred expenses and be reimbursed by the program.
The main objective of this activity is to ensure the achievement of all targets and performance, quality performance of activities under a plan the project schedule, lawful and appropriate use of funds from the project budget. The composition of the project team is selected so as to ensure effective management and reporting of the project. Selecting an independent external auditor guarantees the effective and appropriate use of funds from the budget of the project and was motivated by the obligation of grant beneficiaries to provide audit.

The activity will be implemented by the Municipality of Kardzhali with the participation of partners – Regional History Museum of Kardzhali. The independent financial audit will be carried out by an external contractor selected following a procurement procedure of the activity.

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