Q.: What is the project expected to achieve?

A.: The main purpose of the project “Perperikon – past for future” is to restore, preserve and promote the archeological complex “Perperikon” as a unique part of the bulgarian and european cultural heritage. Specific targets are:
– to restore, preserve and exhibit the ancient and medieval city, which is part of the Perperikon complex
– to improve accessibility for various social groups to Perperikon complex using modern digital technologies

Q.: What are the expected project results?

A.: The project will result in the:
The conservation and Restoration of the 11 displays of the ancient and medieval town of Perperikon
Conservation and restoration and the presentation of the ancient and medieval town of Perperikon;
monitoring of the construction and the implementation of the project;
Project Commissioning;
Storing of digital information about the complex;
Conducting of a three-day promotional seminar “Perperikon – past for future”;
Conducting of 6 promotional events of the model;
For the purpose of disseminating information and promoting the project there will be:
conducted 3 press conferences;
created an information web-site in Bulgarian and English;
posted 1 large outdoor board and 1 information board;
Distributed 2000 flyers, presenting the project and 4000 brochure, presenting the end project results 2000 in English and 2000 in Bulgarian;
Published 10 articles in the local and national press, including in special interest publications;

There will be an increased ease of accessibility to the complex to wider range of socio-economic groups. There will be greater information about the value and unique status of the “Perperikon” complex. There will be an effective and efficient management of the project.